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About Us

Dr. Arlyn Cuthbertson moved to Elko in 1953 soon after graduating from veterinary school at University of California Davis. He was eager to build a practice centered around livestock.

“It was a small town then … around 3,000,” Cuthbertson recalled in an oral history from 1996 on file at the Northeastern Nevada Museum. “At that time I wanted a range cattle practice.” He and another veterinarian bought out a practice was located at 1850 Lamoille Highway and became the owner when his partner left Elko.

At that time the practice was about 80% large animal and only 20% serving cats and dogs and other various species.

To reach livestock and equine cases on ranches, he took flight lessons from Ralph Scott at El Aero and bought a “tail dragger” plane that could easily land in fields and on dirt roads. For about 30 years, Dr. Cuthbertson flew to remote areas, becoming grounded in 1986 after he was injured in a plane crash.

Dr. Aryln Cuthbertson continued his practice and served in the Elko community in several areas until his death at the age of 85 on March 31, 2007.

In 1989, His son, Alan Cuthbertson joined Aryln after graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He has continues to co-own the practice as the Cuthbertson's 3rd generation Veterinarian.

In 1995, they hired Dr. Michael s. Perchetti after he graduated from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and offered him shares in the practice in 1996.

Since 1953, the practice has grown from a doctor only mobile practice to the 30 plus employee thriving mixed animal practice that it is today. The "old" clinic was continually expanded until it had no more room for growth. And in 2010, Dr's Cuthbertson and Perchetti built a new state of the art facility next door to the "old" building at 1052 Colt Dr. where is operates out of today.
The clinic has hired many associates veterinarians over the years but currently has the privilege of employing 3 great associates; Dr. Lorinda Fallini, Dr. Tessa Morgan (Sustacha), and Dr. Timothy Warner. Please see the Bio pages for their information.

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