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Technician Assistant - Training Supervisor

Sami is originally from Reno and has lived in Elko since fall of 2017. Since then she has continued to show her passion for each and every pet and client that comes through the doors. Sami is a huge advocate for her patients and strives to give the absolute best care possible. Sami got into the field to make a difference and to have animals go from heartbreak to happiness. When Sami is not at work she likes to spend her time at home with her pets and loved ones. Sami’s advice for pet owners is to do your research before you get a fur baby. They are a member of your family and will need your time, affection and unconditional love. In return your babies will do the same.Sami loves to Rodeo and is a skilled Barrel Racer with her horse Hank, who she has had for the last 10 years. She also has 3 dogs, all of which are rescues from our clinic. She has worked in Veterinary medicine since 2015 and loves to care for animals but is also amazing with our clients. Sami is an amazing communicator and will truly love your pets as her own. Her passion is preventative medicine.

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