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Testimonial 11

I am so very impressed with the staff in this clinic especially doctor Alan Cuthbertson. We brought our Rottweiler Gunner in on Saturday for an emergency visit. Gunner suffers from anxiety related aggression which makes it difficult to take him into public places. We muzzled him of course to ensure that nobody got bit if he acted out. The doctor came into the treatment room and introduced himself to us and explained what tests he was going to run. Then, he actually sat down on the floor and introduced himself to Gunner to help gain the dog's trust. It must have worked because after a couple of minutes he did something completely unexpected,..... He removed Gunner's muzzle! I was thinking "is this guy crazy?" and then my dog crawled up in his lap and licked his face. I about fell off my chair. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Cuthbertson for taking the time to put Gunner at ease which helped with my stress level dramatically. I should mention that we live in Ely and have been told by the local Vet that they would not treat Gunner unless he was sedated because he is a large intimidating Rottweiler. It was well worth the drive and I would recommend this clinic to anyone who loves their pet as much as we do ours. Thank you Doc and thanks to your awesome staff.
James Tanner
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