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How To Tell If Your Pet Is In Pain – Pet Care Tips

Noticing that your pet is in pain will allow you to get your pet the attention he or she needs so badly. Read this blog to learn more of signs of pain in pets.

What Is The Best Dental Treat For Dogs

Dental treats are not only a special way to spoil your beloved pet. They can also be extremely effective at supporting his long-term dental health. However, with so many to choose from, what is the best dental treat for dogs?

How Can I Clean my Dog’s Teeth?

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2019-01-21
Elko Veterinary Clinic shares some guidelines on how to clean your dog's teeth. To know more, call our Elko, NV office at 775-204-0400 today!

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-12-15
Get to know the importance of dental care for your pets. For more information, contact us at 775-204-0400.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Senior Pet

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-11-16
Know more about some tips on taking care of your senior pets. For more information, call us today at 775-204-0400.

Signs of cancer in pets

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-10-16
Learn more about some important guidelines in knowing whether or not your pet has cancer. For details, call 775-204-0400 today.

What Are Safety Measures For Keeping An Outdoor Pet Cat?

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-09-17
Learn more about some tips on how to keep your pet cat safe outdoors. For more information, contact us today at 775-204-0400.

Build Your Pet's Emergency Kit

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-08-16
Know the importance of having a pet emergency kit in case the unthinkable happens. For more information, call us at 775-204-0400 today!

How To Snake-proof Your Home

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-07-16
Know some guidelines on how to completely snake-proof your home. For more information, contact us at 775-204-0400 today!

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pet

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-06-15
Know about the benefits of spaying and neutering your pet. For more details, call us at 775-204-0400.

How to Prevent Ticks

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-05-16
Know more about some guidelines on how to keep your pets safe from ticks. Call us at 775-204-0400 for more information.

What is a Healthy Diet for a Dog?

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-04-16
Learn more about the guidelines on how to give your dog the best possible diet. For more information, call 775-204-0400.

What are Some Common Mistakes People Make when Training Dogs?

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-03-16
There are many different ways to train your dog. Read the common mistakes responsible pet parents should avoid making. Contact Elko Veterinary Clinic for more information.

Dangers Outside of your Home

Author:Elko Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-02-16
The safety of your pet is just one of your responsibilities when you choose to bring an animal into your home. Read about the list of outdoor dangers for your pets at Elko Veterinary Clinic.

Why Do We Vaccinate Our Pets

Why Do We Vaccinate Our Pets? For more information, contact us at 775-204-0400 today!

Does Your Pet Have THEIR Beach Ready Body

Get your pet's beach body this summer with these guidelines. Book your appointment at Elko Veterinary Clinic in Elko, NV today 775-738-6116.

Pet Insurance

Know more about Pet Insurance. For more information, contact us at 775-204-0400 today!


What it is Osteoarthritis? For more information, contact us at 775-204-0400 today!

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been around since the 1970s but has only recently been certified for use in veterinary care.