Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pet

Choosing to become a pet parents is a huge responsibility and you will immediately have a lot of different things to consider. What will you feed her, what vaccinations she needs and where she will sleep might be your immediate concerns, but there is one other thing that should be an early priority – arranging to get your animal spayed or neutered.

This is a surgical process to remove either the female/male sex organs so that your pet is no longer able to reproduce. Both procedures are commonly performed and relatively straightforward. You will need to allow your pet up to a week to recovery, after which time she/he should return completely to normal.

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering your pet

There are a number of different reasons for getting your pet spayed/neutered and benefits associated with the procedure.

Minimizing overpopulation

Overpopulation of domestic animals – particularly cats and dogs – is a serious problem in the United States. Many people choose to purchase a pet on a whim, without realizing how serious of a commitment owning an animal really is. Expensive bills and the extent of this obligation quickly cause a large number of new pet owners to seek alternative accommodation for their pets and, if they can’t rehome them themselves, animals are often left at shelters, or worse abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

With shelters across the country at maximum capacity, many animals, particularly those who are older or in poor health, are euthanized as there simply isn’t the space or resources to care for them. Unfortunately, there is still high demand for pure-bred puppies and the ability to charge large sums of money for them tempts many people into continuing to breed.

Benefits of spaying females

Although the most obvious benefit of spaying your female is preventing unwanted pregnancy, many owners are surprised to learn that it can also be advantageous for her health. This is because it significantly reduces the risk of developing recurrent urine infections and some female cancers, including breast cancer, which is fatal in approximately 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. It will also prevent her from coming into season and so you – and she – won’t have to put up with the animal equivalent of a menstrual period.

Not coming into season has the added benefit that she will not be harassed by every male of the species that she comes into contact with – an experience which can be unpleasant and frustrating for her.

Benefits of neutering males

Aggressive, dominant behavior is par for the course with un-neutered male animals, who may choose to mark their territory by spraying urine and scratching furniture – two less than desirable behaviors. Males will also badger an un-spayed female that they come into contact with.

Males who are neutered will also be unable to develop testicular cancer further down the line.

Spaying and Neutering is a morally conscious and responsible act for any pet owner. To find out more about the procedure, or to schedule your pet’s procedure, contact us and speak to our dedicated and knowledgeable team.