The Importance of Pet Dental Care – 3 Things You Need To Know

dog dental care

Just like people, your pet can develop dental problems. These painful and potentially life-threatening oral conditions can be prevented (or at least halted) through a regular pet dental care routine. This routine will include a home routine that includes daily maintenance, and a visit to the vet once per year for a professional check-up. Working together hand-in-hand, this oral health routine for your pet will provide a better quality of life for everyone.

Bad Breath Could Be Deadly

It may seem a bit silly to think that a bit of bad breath could be cause for alarm, especially something potentially fatal. However, if your pet has a foul odor from their oral cavity this can spell trouble not just for their teeth and gums, but also for their internal organs.

When gum disease is in late stages there are toxins and bacteria produced that pose a considerable threat to your pet’s organ health. These toxins enter the bloodstream through various channels in the infected oral cavity that directly impact the health of the rest of the body. Over time these toxins can cause serious disease and even death if not properly treated.

Gum Disease is Painful

As you might suspect, gum disease is very painful for your pet. The problem is that they will rarely show you any indication of this pain as they instinctively hide pain to avoid looking weak or unfit. Even so, they may be silently suffering from oral health issues that can often be fixed by establishing a pet dental care routine.

Here are a few things to look out for as signs your pet may be experiencing oral health problems:

● Bad breath

● Loose teeth

● Tooth loss

● Discoloration

● Red swollen gums

● Avoidance of head petting

● Blood (on toys, in saliva, on teeth or gums, etc.)

● Challenges while eating or picking up food

Prevention is The Best Medicine

Taking care of your pet’s oral health may seem a bit odd. After all, not many people consider that brushing the teeth of their pet is an essential part of daily pet care. When you consider that your pet can suffer from the same oral health diseases as you can if you never took care of your mouth, a new perspective begins to arise.

Ideally, start an oral health routine from an early age. Starting regular yearly dental exams as early as six months of age is entirely appropriate. In addition to these yearly professional visits is the responsibility to establish a home care routine as well. Daily brushing with a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste as well as using fun chew toys and good food can dramatically improve the overall health of your pets oral health – for many years to come!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to providing your pet with the best care possible, an oral health routine should be near the top of the list. Pet dental care plays a fundamental role in your pet’s quality of life, overall lifespan, and overall well being. Allotting time to daily brushing and scheduling regular yearly dental appointments is your best defense against painful (and potentially fatal) oral health problems in your pet. Most of all, you can rest assured that your pet is not silently suffering in pain and is enjoying every day with you. Contact our practice and schedule a consultation with our vet to know more.