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Small Ruminant

Small Ruminant (Sheep/Goat/Llama/Alpaca)

Small Ruminants are a growing part of our practice. Traditionally these animals have been an important part of FFA and 4-H groups in our local region, but more and more people are finding that they make great pets as well. Our veterinarians have been working hard to provide progressive veterinary care for small ruminants. Every year our veterinarians are involved in giving educational seminars for local 4H and FFA groups.

Our veterinarians can help you with all aspects of the health of your flock from nutritional management, parasite control programs and preventative health. We hope to work together to prevent problems, rather than waiting until the problem is difficult to control. The most common problems that we see include: urinary stones, severe parasitism, difficult birth and metabolic diseases, most of which can be linked to nutrition. Since ruminants have a very specialized digestive system, they have different nutritional requirements than other species. Elko Veterinary Clinic is well equipped to deal with all your small ruminant needs and we are happy to assist you with all your sheep and goat concerns. Small Ruminant Services:

  • Herd Health Consultation- Including Annual Physical exams and Preventative Care (vaccinations and fecal examinations and deworming protocols)
  • Hoof Trimming and foot care
  • Comprehensive Dental Exams and Dental Flotation
  • Digital Radiology
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound and Diagnosis
  • Breeding Soundness Evaluations on bucks and rams
  • Biosecurity Screening (CAE,OPP,Caseous Lymhadenitis)
  • Surgical Services (castration, disbudding, dehorning, cesarean section)
  • Emergency Services
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