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Surgical Services

If Your Pet Is Scheduled For Surgery

(No food after 9pm, water is OK at all times and does not need to be withheld.) Our surgeries are scheduled Monday through Friday and we schedule up to 5 surgeries a day. Check-in time for surgery starts at 7:00 am and ends at 8:00 am. You will be scheduled a check-in time for your pet, this time is set aside especially for your pet so please be on time.

If your pet is having a surgical procedure done, we ask that you not feed them past 9:00 pm the night before surgery since they will be going under anesthesia. EXCEPTIONS FOR THIS ARE: If your pet is a diabetic please feed them with their medication at least half their normal amount. If your pet is on any medication which needs to be taken with food please give them their medication with a small amount of food. If your pet is an exotic, ferret, Guinea pig, hamster, please feed them as you normally would.

When you check in for surgery, the receptionists will schedule you a discharge time for later that afternoon or for the following morning depending on they type of surgery. Once your pet is checked in with one of our veterinary technicians, they are taken to the treatment area where a catheter is placed and blood is drawn to run pre-anesthetic tests on your pet. Pre-anesthetic blood work is required for any animal going under anesthesia. This will provide us with the best information to do the safest procedure possible. Our internal organ functions are directly related to how the body metabolizes the anesthesia. Once the blood work has been run, and all tests have come back normal, the procedure is done. When you come in at your scheduled discharge time to pick up your pet, the Veterinarian will go over all of the proper at-home care with you.

Types of Surgeries we schedule:

  • Spay Neuter Dental
  • Orthopedic* (must stay overnight)
  • Soft Tissue Repair* (lump removals, laceration repair, etc.)
  • Dewclaw removal and tail docking (puppies 3-5 day of age)
  • Declawing for cats (must stay overnight)

*consultation is required prior to scheduling

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